Why does my medical practice or healthcare service need a blog?

80% of all internet users look for health information online. Even if your medical practice or healthcare service has a website, it is vital to add or change content on a regular basis. That helps your website remain findable.

Online content updated regularly helps build trust with potential patients. They learn about what you do, how you do it, and who you are as a person, deepening that connection.

Got a bad review? How you handle negative feedback is an opportunity to manage your reputation. And that’s the stuff of most stories, isn’t it? Turning a crisis into a victory. Happy endings have more meaning when the reader understands the struggle.

Do you want a blogger who:

  • Tells your story with compelling copy?

  • Writes with clear purpose?

  • Writes in a professional yet conversational tone?

  • Creates clickable headlines?

  • Kicks out quality content on time complete with back links and photos? Maybe an infograph?

  • Ends copy with a strong call to action?

Cool Copy for Healthcare.png


Added value to your online presence:

  • Readability scores stay high on my watch. The magic is in the subheading.

  • Mastery of SEO.

  • Interpret social media insights and analytics, and make content recommendations.

  • I have a professional editor go over my copy before it goes to press. I invite the client to look over copy as well. This is, after all, a team effort.

  • I add visual aides to illustrate content. Audiences process information more efficiently with a picture or graphic.


Health Care.  Focus on wellness.  What are the day to day steps we can do to promote vitality?  I work with health care professionals to write copy about positive life choices.  I create healthcare content that is clickable, clear and readable. 

Healthy Aging.  Does your business target older populations? I currently write about the age 50+ crowd and the businesses they start or continue to run, the services they look for, and the value of their contributions to our communities. 

Women's Health.  Do you have products or services aimed at women?  Let's have a conversation about what your business or organization's goal, make a plan, and reach out.

Rural Health and Aging: I re-discovered country life by moving back to rural Oregon. I have a good grip on what country dwellers face with health and aging. Since I lived in Portland, Oregon for almost 2 decade, I can speak to the urban-rural divide.

Business:  I've helped business owners define who they are with their business, and what they do.  I've helped them whittle down and refine their story and business messaging and they've been happy with the results.