Who Does Walch Communication Work With?

You are a marketing manager who is looking for someone who can take your business's information and convert it to a compelling account that reaches your target market.  You are looking for someone who understands what you are trying to do, understands your business, and works with you to achieve your business goals.  You want a writer who understands how to write a blog with the blog components.  Or you are looking for someone who can design a newsletter or email campaign that engages readers and keeps them coming back. 

You want a writer who listens, asks the right questions to get all the information so nothing is missed, and works with you to get the copy right.  And includes pictures, infographs, links, and a call to action.

I provide copy writing, B2B blogging, case study writing, newsletter creation, and content management for my clients. 

Do you want a content manager who:

  • Writes with clear purpose?

  • Writes with a voice tailored to your ideal reader?

  • Creates clickable headlines?

  • Ends content with a call to action that gets results?


Added value to your online presence:

  • Readability scores stay high on my watch. The magic is in the subheading.

  • Uploading links are done in a jiff (or giph. See what I did there?).

  • I know SEO. I am a master in the SEO Dojo.

  • Can interpret social media insights and analytics, and make content recommendations.

  • I have a professional editor go over my copy before it goes to press. I invite the client to look over copy as well. This is, after all, a team effort.

  • I add Infographics and/or photos as necessary to complete the story or campaign. Visual aides illustrate content. Audiences process information more efficiently with a picture.


Health Care.  Focus on wellness.  I personally am interested in staying healthy.  What are the day to day steps we can do to promote vitality?  I work with health care professionals to write copy about positive life choices.  I create healthcare content that is clickable, clear and readable. 

Healthy Aging.  Does your business target older populations? I currently write about the age 60+ crowd and the businesses they start or continue to run, the services they look for, and the value of their contributions to our communities. 

Women's Health.  Do you have products or services aimed at women?  Let's have a conversation about what your business or organization's goal, make a plan, and reach out.

Environment and Health:  Having been through the Master Recycler program, I have a interest in taking steps to decrease what goes to the landfill.  Raising awarness of the links between human wellness and what we do in our environs are intricately connected.  Education is the first line of defense.

Business:  I've helped business owners define what the are and what they do.  I've helped them whittle down and refine their story and business messaging and they've been happy with the results.