"What attracted us to her was her trustworthiness. it was our experience that we could trust her with our clients and managers. She produces our newsletter... she has been good and consistent.  She's  a patient coach."


—Bob Rosenkranz, President and CEO, ServU-1st, Building Manager


"Michelle and Walch Communications has been preparing my regular blogs and newsletters for the last two years. Michelle is always prompt and eager to follow our schedule; she is also good at nagging (gently reminding) me to get my part of the work done which I appreciate. I find Michelle to be absolutely fearless about calling a potential blog subject and getting a good interview. She asks interesting questions and gives us a good product. She is always suggesting new ideas and new ways for us to work together. She has been a real asset to Better Smarter Richer. "

— Jackie B. Peterson, President, Job Coach, Better, Smarter, Richer.