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This is some of my work as a ghostwriter.  I interview and write stories about Encore Entrepreneurs and Solo Business owners who have taken classes from Jackie B. Peterson.  Additionally, I put together her newsletter and maintain her Facebook page.

White recently self-published a book, 55 Unemployed, and Faking Normal.  The book is road map to coping with current economic realities and contains themes which are relevant to Better, Smarter, Richer.  We reached out to White to talk about her book.

“My friends and I started telling the truth,” White said in an interview from her home in Adams Morgan, Washington D.C.  She and her peers “were looking at the rubble of Plan A.  What do you do?  How do you live a richly textured life on reduced income? Employment is still unstable, even when you did everything right.  Same for other events such a medical issue or divorce.”   Read More…

More on Elizabeth White:

Recently on Paul Solman’s News Hour series Making Sense there was a story about Elizabeth White

Watch the News Hour story on Elizabeth White here.


What business your business do?  Case management, patient advocacy, crisis management.

Can you elaborate? I do a comprehensive history and evaluation.  We discuss as much as possible their current concerns.  I help make a plan with as much family involvement as possible.

Backstory:  I have been a registered nurse (RN) for over 40 years, and I worked in many different specialties.  I was offered on opportunity to go to a practice in home health and hospice to begin a new transitional (actually became palliative care) care program.  I loved this specialty because I saw patients both in the clinics and then following up at home. Not wanting to retire, and feeling strongly that seniors were requiring help with their planning for aging well with resilience and grace, I decided to use my expertise to  help as many as possible. Read More…

More on Suzanne VanSlyke:

Visit Suzanne’s website: Support for Seniors in Transition: Welcome to

Support for Seniors in Transition (S4Sit) is Geriatric Case Management & Patient Advocacy – CRISIS MANAGEMENT – PATIENT ADVOCACY – CARE MANAGEMENT: Helping you craft a care plan so you can stay in the comfort of your own home. Expertise in quickly helping define individual issues and resolving each one expeditiously to craft a care plan that


For Serv U-1st:

Ever have questions about how your business can recycle better or sustainably dispose of something? Valmont Microflect is making strong efforts to decrease waste. Most businesses have recycling programs: bins are typically located by desks for shreading and recycling. Most office and industrial shop kitchens have bottle and can collection. Read More…