Mitch's Affiliate Picks: The Very Hungry Caterpillar 50th anniversary merch and Blurb publishing. By Michelle Walch

The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Publish your own book with Blurb.

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This is a two-part blog post: Books. Part 1: The World of Eric Carle. Part 2: Publish your own book with Blurb.

Full disclosure: I have not tried all the products and services listed. That said, I may have had experience with similar products, or it’s something that looks like something I would certainly use.

Happy 50th Anniversary to Eric Carl'e’s Very Hungry Caterpillar! Shop licensed merch at Zazzle

The World of Eric Carle: 50th Anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Go HERE to shop licensed merch at Zazzle. What is it with all these things turning 50 in 2019? The Apollo Moon landing, me, my friend Tom, and the Oregon Country Fair. Oh, and Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Many of my peers and I became familiar with Carle's iconic, colorful caterpillar during our formative years. I couldn't stop reading about this critter's journey through food. The colors and geometric shapes grabbed the eye (especially a kid’s eye) and kids devoured (so to speak) this book time and time again. It’s an interactive book: the little holes of what the caterpillar bores through. In a way I almost thought it was a waste of food, reminding me of occasional mouse nibbles on food that had been left out and rendered not edible.

Younglings eat plenty during a growth spurt, then they cocoon, then grow wings and fly. There's a metaphor in there somewhere.

Can’t get enough of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Zazzle has scads of groovy stuff with your favorite Hungry Caterpillar on it! Looking for birthday products? Tag? Kid’s T-shirts? Bibs? Birthday banners? Baby shower decor? Check out this link to Zazzle’s Hungry Caterpillar swag.

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Blurb: Top Notch Self-Publishing


My husband, illustrator John Maddin and I are working on our second book, Naturalist Numbers. The publisher for our first book, Letters of the West, shuttered it’s doors, so we are once again shopping around for a publisher. That’s where Blurb comes in.

Blurb is too expensive for us to use as a regular, on-demand publisher. But it is a nice way for us to present what there is of our second book. The results are beautiful - a single mock-up book to show off to prospective publishers out there that looks professional, unlike SOOO many online publishers out there.

  1. Uploading images onto Blurb’s website: This took a bit to figure out. Partially that is because we are not used to using software like InDesign. InDesign is included in their publishing template. After some back and forth with customer service, we figured it out. What sizes to use took a bit to understand.

  2. Customer Service. Very responsive. They were good about walking us through what we need to do.

  3. Turn-around time for the book creation was about two weeks. Not too bad!

  4. We used the standard, landscape design, 10x8 inches.

  5. As a result, we have a professionally done, perfect bound book that is just stunning. High quality production!

  6. Recommend Blurb if you want to do a one-off, or a few, limited editions of a special project show casing your work.


Blurb has several features, such as the ability to create a book on a tablet, various Instagram distribution options and some sales options as well. Our focus was just on getting our single mock-up printed, so we didn’t really take advantage of the Features to offer an opinion here.

My experience with self-publishing is also limited, so my rating is only based on my experience with Blurb. While it took my husband and I a bit to navigate how to do self-publishing, any cursing was largely due to being a first-timer.

Based on that, I would give BLURB a 5 star rating.

Want to try it out for yourself? Go HERE to explore and publish your own book!

Check out BLURB mobile.