Product Review: Yoga Download

Yoga, in my humble opinion, is best done with a qualified instructor, in person. Someone qualified to push you further, cheer you on, spot you if you are having a difficulty, and offer an alternative when a pose doesn’t work for you.

Living out in the rural areas means yoga studios may be far and few between (if you live in the Molalla, Oregon area however, you are in luck! Sandy Branch of Branch Fitness offers classes at Northwest Fitness and Strength). Travel time, work and life’s responsibilities often make it difficult to get to group practice.

Full disclosure: I only found out about Yoga Download when looking for wellness affiliates on Shareasale.

Yoga Download offers all levels, lengths of time, focus, for feet, grief, air travel, at the office wearing heels, yoga for abs, postnatal yoga. Where would be without marketing, right? (Self-effacing humor.)

My family and I really like Gentle Joint Release. Caitlin is the instructor, and it’s 12 minutes, just right amount of time.

We tried one titled, “It’s Juicy!” thinking nothing of it, it was, well, bit NSFW. Our 11 year old was a bit amused but we opted to skip that one. Ha.

Yoga videos for those 50 and better are plentiful. I checked out one technique video in the Fearless After Fifty Series. Instructors Desiree Rumbaugh and Michelle Machildon who carefully describe how to do poses and the benefits of each. I really appreciate how thorough they are, and the focus of each practice. For $5.99, check out their Knees and Hips workshop.

Yoga Download has a wide variety of resources: printable pose guide, a calendar to schedule practice, and many ways to stream classes such as Roku to downloads you can keep forever.

The website states that all the instructors are certified, and renowned worldwide. Instructors are diverse. Original music is a part of each practice.

One month trial is $1. Afterwards, $12 a month. Remember that bit. I was caught unawares when I found a $12 deduction on my bank statement. Individual class pricing is from $3.99 on up. I don’t do the monthly subscription, but I do occasionally buy a class that has a very specific focus. There is value in that.

I give Yoga Download 4 stars out of 5 value. So much can be viewed online for free, why would I buy a class? Especially when on a budget. However, I feel better about paying an online yoga studio that, according to its website, accredited teachers. I’d like to think my fee goes towards the teachers.

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