The Shape of Content Marketing 2019 by Michelle Walch

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How will content marketing change in 2019? What other old school business hacks should you keep using? Read on.

More and more content enters the online world, so naturally the impulse would be fight volume with volume. But you don’t necessarily need to turn it up to Eleven (bad Spinal Tab joke, and that’s my quota for this month). I still believe that a solo business is best represented fully by the business owner and your authentic voices are essential in an increasingly noisy internet. It’s getting your specific market to like you because you are you. That said, getting found online is still a priority for any business. Keep up-to-date with SEO and Keyword trends. I’ve listed a few here, along with online tools that can help build and analyze your traffic.

Further to internet strategies, I go over a few old school tools. Tactile items that are still used in 2019. Sometimes we need to get away from the screen.

  1. Re-purpose your best content. When I first read this in a Neil Patel blog, I thought that was a lame short cut. But upon thinking about it it makes sense. People are discovering content with different searches all the time. It also is a chance to update your content. Present it in a different way, such as an info graphic. Or make it a Pinterest pin. This is a time saver for solo businesses who may have limited ways to generate content. Read Neil’s blog here to get some useful specifics.

  2. Authentic Voice & Transparency. Trust and transparency are important. Newsflash, you can’t always trust stuff found online. So being genuine and giving value are critical to consumers. Be real. Read more here.

  3. Voice Activated Searches. Voice activated searches were soooo cumbersome for me. Technology has improved. Hands fee option has its benefits. Now to work on my enunciation! According to eConsultancy, by 2020 50% of searches will be done without a screen.

  4. Brand Tribes. The term “tribe” makes me cringe a bit, but then Tailwind clarifies what this means and puts me at ease a little. Really, it comes down to finding people in your niche. (Affiliate Link.)

  5. Video. Personally, I’m not too crazy about video. All the editing involved is rather daunting for me. But the technology is making things easier. In an article in Social Media Today, 2019 is the year to try new things! Video ought to be one of them. Audio (read Podcasts) is another. Short stories on platforms such as Instagram are still another.

  6. BrightLocal: This SEO tool gets good reviews. It’s helpful for businesses who serve local communities. (Affiliate Link.)

  7. OptinMonster: Building your email list is essential, this tool gets positive reviews. I wrote about my own newsletter journey from dreading them to embracing them in LinkedIn. (Affiliate Link.)

  8. ProfilePress: If you use WordPress and want a front-end login, customer user registration, and other WP assists, try this tool. It seems to be well-liked. (Affiliate Link.)

Now that you have Content Marketing suggestions, what else is there? Glad you asked.

Wired: Everything Old is New Again.

  1. Writing checks. Yes, checks. Hawt New Zealand Director Taika Watiti says that cheques (it’s cuter when he says it) are in museums where he’s from. I can understand that. I haven’t really found anything to support my theory, but I think part of continuing use of checks is because the U.S. is full of leviathan companies and institutions, and changing large systems is a big undertaking. Oder generations (including yours truly, a Gen X-er), write them out as well as receive them. Yet I use my phone to deposit checks. But I don’t have my phone set up to pay or receive payment with an app yet. 2019 is the year to try new things, right? Order personalized checks (remember those? Like Walkmans and CDs) from Checks Unlimited.

  2. Wall Calendars. I still handwrite my appointments on a physical calendar. I also put appointments in my Google calendar. Well, I do when inviting others. I read that writing things down really helps it solidify it in your mind. Go here to buy a calendar from Lang. (Affiliate Link.)

Tired (or maybe not) RSS Feed. Stands for Really Simple Syndication. I never really paid much attention to RSS, admittedly. Then I read recently that RSS feeds are dead. But that depends on who you ask. More like undead. According to Techcrunch, with the debacle of Cambridge Analytica, RSS Feeds may come back because they are transparent and decentralized. The downside is lack of branding opportunities and analytics. Nonetheless, the Techcrunch article makes a good case for keeping RSS alive.

Have any thoughts on Content Marketing in 2019? What’s your favorite 3D, old school, analogue tool that keeps your business going? Comment and share. Please and thank you!