Letters of the West

Letters of the West book cover.

Letters of the West book cover.

Letters of the West: An ABC Book of the Many Plants, Animals, and Other Curious Features of the West.  Artist husband John Maddin and I started working on our book in 2009.  I was reading Awake to Nap by Nikki McClure to our one year old daughter at the time.  Inspired by McClure's artwork and focus on nature in the Northwest, and suggested, offhandedly, to John that we do an ABC book.  John has a knack for illustrating the natural world.  He works in scratchboard (you can buy clayboard here), which lends itself to a rustic, textured look. 

Craigmore Creations published the book in September 2014.  The book was met with much praise, including a nomination for the 2015 Oregon Spirit Award for nonfiction. 

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Listen to an interview with John Maddin and Michelle Walch about the book here. (