The Michelle Story, Abridged:

1.  Wrote for Two Louies, Portland music magazine in the mid-Nineties. I was on staff after owner Buck Munger realized punk rock wasn't going away.

2.  Served at the Baha'i' World Center, in Haifa, Israel.

3.  Traveled around Africa volunteering for Social Economic Development projects.  Initially went for 3 months.  Ended up staying for 16 months.  Someday those experiences will be in a graphic novel memoir yet to be written, "Lone Mzungo."

4.  Ran my very own Walch Art Group artist agency for a few years.  Our claim to fame was getting a book published: Letters of the West: An ABC Book of the Many Plants, Animals, and Other Curious Features of the West.  Co-written and illustrated by John Maddin.

5.  I have worked in three libraries:

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Molalla Public Library, Molalla, Oregon.  Clackamas County's longest, continuously open library at 117 years!

International Archival Library, Baha'i' World Center, Haifa, Israel.  I volunteered as Periodicals Assistant for 2.5 years.