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Why Stories?

There is something primal about storytelling that resonates with the listener, reader, watcher. The audience gets hooked on the struggle/conflict set up in the beginning. How does this play out? How does it get resolved? We watch or read has the drama moves forward as the tension builds, and plot twists and turns reveal the unexpected and finally comes to a conclusion. Who does not like a good yarn? Our love of stories goes back to our ancestors sitting around the campfire, to modern day sitting around looking at our screens.

Struggles, problems, and pain points are processed with stories. The audience, which in the business world means potential customers or industry partners, will be right there with you with the right anecdote as you navigate challenges and victories.

Why Walch Communication?

With my main client, Jackie B. Peterson at Better, Smarter, Richer, I interview solo business owners and how Better, Smarter, Richer classes has helped them grow their business. The story arc is in each profile: challenges, what the business owner did, how Jackie’s class helped them, and their victories.

I do a newsletter for a building management company, Serv U-1st. Every month I  pick a pain point such as safety or insurance, and highlight what managers can do to mitigate risk. I write copy that starts with a question and ends with a call to action. Articles engage the reader and get them to respond.

Getting the search engines to find your business is another task I see to. Writing copy that is relevant to what people are looking for is integral to my writing strategy.

I also published an ABC book, Letters of the West, with my artist husband, John D. Maddin. An ABC book may not be a story book; our book catalogs plants, animals, and other curious features of the West. The book begins and ends with Mount Hood. Full circle.  Visit his Flickr page to see artwork for the next book, tentatively titled Naturalist Numbers.

How it works: Step by Step.

Everyone has their strengths. Your know your business, and the goals you want to achieve.

I’m the writer, who knows how to generate copy that helps your business achieve those goals. In order to do that, I need the who, what, where, when, why and how.

I have a template that I work off of with clients. Both client and contractor have the same template so we are literally on the same page when working together. The framework helps keep everyone on track and on budget.